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  Stage Related Services

Translation India is the most professional choice for renting screens. Whether you want to present data in exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, meetings or training sessions, we can meet all your screen rental requirements. We carry a huge inventory of portable, compact tripod screens in a variety of sizes. Your audience will be pleased to see the perfect image sharpness, with the true colors and contrasts in our screens. Our technicians will assemble and do the complete setup, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We give you the best terms and rates in the industry. So contact us for all your screen rental requirements.

We provide scenic backdrops for all kinds of events like conferences, meetings, seminars, tradeshows etc. What’s great about us is that we give plenty of options, a great selection, reliable shipping and above all a fantastic product. So next time you want to capture the attention of your audience, rent backdrops from us.

Think of how frustrating it is for your audience, if they are not able to hear or understand you properly because of a poor quality mike that you are using. You surely don’t want your event to fail in this way. So whenever you think of renting mikes for your presentations think of Translation India. Because we provide the best quality mikes and speakers, with a high sound output, so that your audience can clearly understand what you want to convey.

You have only one chance to make a first impression. Effective and creative use of stages in your presentation can help you create that impression on your audience. At Translation India, we have a wide range of stage designs available in many configurations. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor events. With our stages we can ensure that your event stands out and conveys a professional image about your company. Our team will do the complete setup of the stage. So next time you wish to make a visual impact to appeal to your audience, think of us.
Light and Sound

For the success of any conference or meeting, one basic thing that you need to make sure is that your audience at the back is able to see and hear you properly. If light and sound system is inadequate you will fail to capture the attention of your audience. Hence it is necessary that you properly control the environment of your event. And when you are looking for a good quality light and sound system to do this, there is no better choice than Translation India. We support your event or presentation with the proper light and sound system that it needs to be a success.
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