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Soundproofing Industrial Units:

Machines inside a factory make a lot of noise and this can be a problem for you when clients or visitors come to visit your factory. Due to these noises you cannot properly show or narrate details about your factory. Our Industrial sound proofing treatments often invoke the use of a combination of acoustical products to provide an appropriate degree of noise control. Through our equipments, the narrator will speak through a mike and visitors will hear his/her voice through their head phones.

Industrial soundproofing is more challenging because here majority of sound sources are not enclosable. As such we use combinations of "source" driven and "path" driven treatments which when combined deliver better control over the noise without interrupting the process being performed.
Here is how we go about it:

By Isolating Vibration:

The invisible culprit on a factory floor is the transparent sound vibrations that move structurally throughout your facility. While your ear picks up the airborne noise in the room, much of the noise is first traveling down through the legs of your machinery and spreading throughout your factory. Our soundproofing treatments control the contact points between the machines and your floor and thereby dramatically lower your exposure levels.

By Absorbing Airborne Noise:

This set of treatments is sought by majority of industrial clients. When enclosure, barrier and isolation treatments have been explored without much success then treating the "path" of the noise to reduce background reflections often turns out to be the most practical and effective way. Your surrounding walls or ceilings are lined with absorption panels or baffles which limits the exposure levels to your employees by collapsing the reverberations in the room. This triggers a reasonable drop in the decibel level.

Choose From Different Soundproofing Options:

We can provide you with a set of options to control noise based on your noise source. By applying our practical guidelines you can achieve your desired results. Our soundproofing equipment fall within your budget and you have the option to either buy or rent them whichever is convenient to you.

Equipments available for sale and rental:

»  Cordless Speaker Phones
»  Hi-tech Microphones For Noise Reduction
»  Video Monitor
»  State-Of-The-Art Software For Integration Of The Process
»  Sound Proofing panels

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