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  Soundless Class Room

A Soundless Classroom:

The ideal classroom is one in which students can clearly understand the instructor during lecture and focus on assignments, projects and tests in an environment free of distractions. Classroom soundproofing is indeed a challenge. Lengthy sound reflections in a poor classroom design will produce unwelcome levels of background noise. We aim to clean out the background noise, delivering better clarity to original speech. By providing the latest equipment for soundless classroom training, meetings or religious discourses, we facilitate you to organize a sound pollution free congregation, conference or training programme.

Our Soundproofing Methods:

By installing a set of acoustic sound panels/ ceiling tiles into the noisy classroom unwanted sound reflections, control reverberation are captured and the background noise is cleaned out. This delivers more speech clarity from teacher to student. This restores the room back to a healthier learning environment without any noise.

In order to prevent outside noise from bleeding in and combat reverberations created within a classroom, our soundproofing treatments target both sound transmission and sound reflection. This is done without any mike or speaker. Each of these sound behaviors is addressed by:

  • Sound transmission control: This involves isolating the room by adding density to each wall and creating a separated wall surface parallel to each. This is done by covering walls completely with a heavyweight vinyl soundproofing membrane such as dB-Bloc. Thereafter a set of horizontal furring strips are affixed to the wall to create a foundation for a new layer of drywall that will make up the second wall surface. This separation forces outside sound waves to collapse within the space between the two surfaces rather than transmit directly into the classroom, and also serves to protect adjoining classrooms from sound transmitting out of the treated room.

  • Sound reflection absorption: Sound reverberations are controlled through installation of absorptive sound panels along the walls and ceiling of the room. Absorptive sound treatments are available in a variety of styles to meet the requirements of different applications.

Equipments available for sale and rental:

»  Video Communicator
»  Cordless Conference Phones
»  Sound Stations
»  View Stations
»  Sound point Speaker Phones
»  Definity Systems
»  Sound proofing panels.

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