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  Simultaneous Interpretation Webcasting Application

Webcasting Made Easy:

Today's webcast facilities can record anywhere from 10 to 500 simultaneous streams. A webcaster has to consider the cost of the individual path or stream. A broadcaster may transmit one stream of information, while a webcaster may transmit 250 simultaneous streams. We offer all equipments and services related to simultaneous broadcasting/webcasting.

We provide simultaneous equipment identical to a broadcast facility up to the point where the data hits the encoder. These are traditional routing switchers, video processors, and conversion equipment. It provides systems integration for high-profile webcasting projects and uses traditional A/V routing equipment to route standard analog signals to a digital capture machine where the signal is encoded in Real, Windows Media and QuickTime formats prior to distribution.

We often use unique routing equipment for monitoring and routing video streams to multiple encoders from a single destination. The process is simplified through the use of a central location for stream monitoring using a keyboard, mouse and PC.

Complete Control:

In webcasting it is essential to ensure efficiency since you are dealing with multiple streams. Automation is very sophisticated in our services. As a result, operations are streamlined, workstations are improved, and each operator has complete control of all operations from his or her desktop. With our services, everything is controlled from a PC, so moving dedicated control panels and monitoring devices around is not an issue.

Webcasting is "broadcasting" over the Internet. In webcast, a media file is distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology. A large number of audiences from any location can view/listen a program/lecture/seminar/discourse simultaneously from around the world. It can be distributed live or on demand. We offer all equipments for the complete Webcasting process. Equipments are also available on rent. Assistance is provided by experts at desired location

Why us:

Apart from saving significant travel time as well as costs, our Webcasting services facilitate live, interactive and engaging presentations. Through our services, you can webcast your presentations/seminar/discourse from any place so that the people who cannot attend the same in person can still participate online. With our highly optimized technology you can use this service to share your views with your audience at a lower cost.

Advanced Technological Features:

Our Webcasting services and equipment which are available for sale as well as on rent are technologically advanced and easy to deploy. Moreover, being highly optimized, it is just perfect for all types of seminars and presentations that prevail today. Innovative new features make them really easy to use. Through the latest software, technically advanced webcam, we are capable of offering world-class webcast solutions.

Highly Compatible:

Your webcast is streamed out live world-wide from streaming server in the format you require. Our US based data centers with HIGH Bandwidth support even slow internet connection. Your presentation can be accessed by anyone, and can also be integrated into any website by adding a simple URL link.

Customer Friendly Technical Support:

To make things easier, our technicians will guide you through out the set up. We are equipped with technicians and manpower to stimulate and facilitate door step service.

Our services empower you to enjoy the following advantages:

          » Cost effectiveness:

Webcast any seminar or presentation to a large number of audience at the lowest cost

          » Go Global:

Crossing over the geographical boundaries let the people from the entire world view and listen to your presentation and lecture.

          » Save on travel time:

Attend any meeting or conference from your home and office.

Equipments Available for sale and on Rental Basis.

»  VNC Server
»  Brick House Switcher
»  Encoder
»  Web-Conferencing Software
»  Mini Caster
»  Streaming Server
»  Digital Video (DV) Camcorder
»  Fire wire Cable
»  Wireless Receiver And Lapel Microphone
»  USB Cable Connecting The Computer
»  Tripod
»  Extension Cord

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