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  Interpretation for market research

The market trend is changing day by day, not because of market, dealing scenario is changing. The market scenario will remain as traditional as per the past trading experience. The changes come from the growing society of our civilization, and one is forced to adapt the regular changes according to the times.

Similarly, the market research trend is changing according to times. The market research in an activity where an expert has to take the trend towards benefit of the society where new experiments could take place to the right time and place.

1The research is conducted in such scenario, where the researchers were asked to sit in one room from where they conduct required research. In another room, with permission of the reasercher’s, translators have assigned to perform the assigned task from what they listen the entire topic of discussion from the researchers and simultaneously translate to specified language.

This process requires the perfect professionalism of translators along with required professional equipments. The researchers have to take help of an, microphone to deliver their discussion to interpretator’s. at the same time the listeners of specified languages need to listen the same.

We at translation India provide specialized systems for such as, conferences and seminars other utilities. Weather it may be, to the person to person or in the groups, we have complete solution of various kind. We have IR system, which, can be configured, and distribute to the groups or individually person to person depending on requirements.

1We have digital conference microphones for group discussion, and IR transmitters and receivers with the option of 32 independent frequencies. The system can be configured up to 32 independent transmitter and receivers at the same time and same venue, so that the speaker and listener can have their respective identity when it is used for multiple languages. The IR systems are available on rent for Rs. 10,000/- per day for 20 people on the minimum basis. The group discussion’s package can be configured depending requirements and charges will varies accordingly. The best package for group discussion system for up 20 people again we can offer for Rs. 15,000/- per day along with on site audio engineer.

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