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  Interpretation System

Effective Communication Is The Key To Business Success:

Corporate Communications lie at the heart of strategic management, planning and control. All companies need ways to effectively communicate internally with their employees and externally with their clients and shareholders. If there is a communication barrier within your organization break down those barriers with our Interpretation System from Gonsin.

Breaking Language Barriers:

We offer conferencing and simultaneous interpretation system for bilingual and international conferences. The number of languages could be expanded up to 12 languages. Conference participants could select their own favorable language with the language selector in the delegate station or wireless receiver. This system can facilitate up to 100000 participants. Break the language barriers through our interpretation systems and services and deliver your message to the whole world in all the major languages.

Effective Interpretation:

With our Interpretation System, there is no reason for the speaker to pause for interpretation since all can hear the message in their native language simultaneously. All of our products are available for sale. Rental service is also available. Technical assistance will be provided by our experts.

Get The Added Advantage:

The demand for interpretation and translation equipments and services has undergone a dramatic increase because of globalization of business and organizations which has brought in a huge influx of non-English speaking people. Government boardrooms and conference centers need to be equipped with conference and simultaneous interpretation system to be able to attract multilingual participants.

Our i12 simultaneous interpretation system is a combination of B2 base station, modular language modules and technician module. Every B2 base unit is expandable up to 12 languages. The same could be made further expandable up to 24 and 36 languages by stacking more B2 base units. Interpreters either use iD12-1 single interpreter station or iD12-2 dual interpreter station in their soundproof interpreter booth. The output of the B2 base unit is then transmitted or wired to delegate stations or wireless receivers. The transmission range is up to 1 kilometer.

There is also a bilingual conference system which is a combination of iCL conference system and iD12-2 interpreter consuls. In this solution, participants plug in their headphone socket to the iCL-DV delegate stations. The complete system encompasses a wide range of possible variants.

Equipments available for sale and rental:

»  Central Processing Unit
»  Digital Wireless Transmitters and Receivers
»  Portable Transmitters and Receivers
»  Interpretation Booths
»  Conference Microphones
»  Headphones
»  ICL-DV Delegate Stations

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