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  Interpretation equipment for industrial visits

Translation India in due course realized the requirement of manufacturing industries requirement of having a sound proof headphones to has noise free shop floor visit of the foreign delegate or dealer visit to manufacturing facility,

We have imported such device which is like small receiver and very small transmitter. The transmitter is in the hand of speaker who explains the details of manufacturing shop floor machine and its technicality where the delegate wear a small headphone and they listen the instructions of the guide through their headphone even in the noisy atmosphere of the shop floor without any disturbances It has crystal clear sound quality

We can provide such equipment to any no of delegate and they can move with guide and remain in the proximity of 50 meter

This equipment is also helpful for apprentice to be trained on the machine the equipment can be used even in between two person and they can be two way communication also

The picture of the equipment is given below for you understand

The headsets provided by us are also of the best quality. They fit into your ear, as if they were shaped for each person separately. The headset rules out any disturbance from your neighbor or the surrounding that you are in. This helps you to concentrate completely on the clear interpretation coming through your head sets. We provide trained headset attendants, who are always on site to replace batteries or help with general questions and ensure the best possible working environment for each and every delegate.

Take the complete factory visit system from us along with microphones and the head sets. We also provide portable interpreting equipment and assistive listening. If the group is mobile, this is ideal for tours, technical meetings and technical visits. This includes small FM transmitters which are worn by the interpreter and wireless receivers for the audience. It is possible to set the transmitters and receivers to various frequencies, so that it does not interfere with other communication devices. And lastly, the ear phones are comfortable, small and sanitary for international delegates, who have to wear it throughout the visit for their convenience.

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