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  Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation Systems
TI IR Simultaneous Interpretation System

TI IR Simultaneous Interpretation System is a new innovation and it’s a one of the unique products in the Simultaneous Interpretation System product category. Translation India’s infrared simultaneous interpretation systems are designed to meet international standards in terms of technical specification. The products have been designed utilizing unlicensed 2.4GHz frequency band and Direct sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) for better quality of audio to the audience in up to 12 languages. It has better signal strength and user friendly to the interpreters. To block and monitor any unauthorized listening, it is designed with high security settings. The IR systems are ideal for small to large business meetings, conventions, board rooms and national & international conventions, where multilingual and multi channel interoperation equipments are required. It is also perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment for hiring and permanent installation.

System Features

• Superb Clear quality Sound.
• Compliant to International standard IEC60914&IEC61603
• Free from lighting and wireless interference
• Easy interfacing with wired and DSSS interpretation system.
• Easy to maintain and setup.

TI-4L/6L/8L/12L IR Receiver
• Designer Look and compact
• CD quality Audio
• Alarm when the battery low
• Easy Channel Selection up to 12 channels
• Pocket clip and lanyard for easy manage
• Active indication of related information
• Slide switch for power on/off
• Thumbwheel volume control
• Up/down(left/right) push button for channel selection
• LCD indication of channel and battery volume level
• Signal ID/channel number can be preset
• Integrated charging electronics and contacts
• Separate battery pack for simple charging
• 3.5mm standard jack for headphone
Technical Specifications
• Frequency range: 2-6 MHz Band 4 IEC61603 Band 4
• Modulation Mode: IR/Digital PLL
• Frequency response: 100-14 KHz
• Frequency Stability: 10PPM
• De emphasis: 75usec.
• Peak Deviation: 7.5KHz
• Distortion at 1 KHz:<1.0%
• Signal-to noise-ratio: >55db
• Operating voltage: 2.3v-3.6v
• Input Impedance: 18K ohms
• Signal-to-noise ratio: >55dB
• Power Consumption: 50mv
• LCD screen:1.41in x 0.9in
• Battery: 3.7V rechargeable Lithium-ion
• Weight: 0.15kg
• Dimension (W x H x D)
   5.2in x 0.9in x 2.21in
• Designer Look and compact
• CD quality Audio
• Easy Channel Selection up to 6 channels
• Pocket clip and lanyard for easy manage
• Easy slide switch for channel selection
• Single thumbwheel for on/off and volume control
• 3.5mm standard EP jack for headphone
• Powered by AAA rechargeable battery
Technical specifications
• Frequency range: 2-6 MHz Band
• Modulation Mode: FM/Digital PLL
• Frequency response: 100-14 KHz
• Frequency Stability: 10PPM
• De emphasis: 75usec.
• Peak Deviation: 7.5KHz
• Distortion at 1 KHz:<1.0%
• Signal-to noise-ratio: >55db
• Operating voltage: 2.3v-3.6v
• Input Impedance: 18K ohms
• Signal-to-noise ratio: >55dB
• Power Consumption: 50mv
• Battery: 2x AAA Alkaline Battery
• Weight: 0.13kg
• Dimension (W x H x D)
   5.5in x 1.2in x 2.3in
These radiators are high power infrared radiators are designed to use in large convention halls as well as small board rooms .These radiators are fitted with 50% power switchable switch which allows user to select option between large and small room, and also the power supply of the same have designed in such way when the signals receiving from transmitter the it automatically switches on and when signals are not available or the transmitter is switched off it switches off on its own, shaving the precious electricity power. The radiators are fitted with high class infrared diodes to function with maximum frequency. These radiators come with wall or tripod mounting facility so that installation can be done in a simplest manner without wasting energy and time.



• Independent Level Controls and LED indicators
• Compliance to IEC60914 & IEC61603
• Independent input and output channels for recording
• Built in IR diodes for testing language channels
• Transmissions is encrypted against unauthorized acess
• Separate audio output for all 4 channels via RCA connectors
• Multiple interpreters consoles can be connected
• Easy control and power supply unit on the same 19” rack mount bracket
• Separate channel level and controls with Indicators
• Separate channel output for digital recording.
• Channel selection and interlocking
Technical Specifications
• Modulation: IR
• Frequency synthesis: Digital PLL
• Audio Output: 6 RCA unbalanced
• Audio Input: 6 RCA Unbalanced
• Frequency Range: 2-6 MHz
• Frequency response: 100-14kHz
• Frequency Stability: 19ppm
• Power supply: 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz
• Power Consumption: 60 watts
• Power standby Consumption: 40 watts
• Power requirement: 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz
• Input Impendence: 18k ohms
• RF Output impedance: 55-75 ohms
• RF output power level: 70mv
• AGC range: 30db
• S?N ratio: >75b
• Weight: 7.6 kg
   Dimension:(W x H x D) (16.9in x 3.9in x 12.8in)
TI-06/16 Interpreter console
• Pluggable Industry standard 4 pin Microphones with light    indication ring
• Maintain relay and direct interpretation
• 3 incoming languages can be preset
• Loud speaker with volume control
• Channel information display on LCD screen


To prevent same channel outgoing automatic channel interlocking

• 6 06 16 channel simultaneous interpretation
• Active channel relay interpretation allows interpreters to work from other than floor language
• Brief Muting of the microphone for cough cut through mute Key
• Speakers can be reminded to slow down through SLOW key
• When the microphone is switched off the floor signal is automatically routed to the
   out going channel
• Daisy Chain connection system for multiple interpolators consoles
• EP Connections for Earphones and additional microphone at the both sides of the console

Technical Specifications

• Frequency range: 50-18KHz
• Distortion at 1 KHz:<1.0%
• Channel Separation: 85db
• Maximum Input power level: 7.5v
• 8 ohms 2 watts built-in speaker
• Audio Input/output: 2 mic/ 2 record unbalanced
• Standard Mike stem length: 16.1 inches
• Operating temperature: 0-50 Degree centigrade
• Lcd Screen: 128x64 backlit
• Cable length: 3m/5m/10m with DB25 connector
• Weight: 1.2kg
• Dimension (W x H x D )
• 9.7in x 5.7in x 3.7in

TI D2 Interpreter Headphone with microphone


Technical Specification

• Stereo Headset with microphone
• Connector: EP 3.5mm connector
• Impedance: 60ohms + - 15%
• Frequency response: 20-20KHz
• Input power: 30-50mW
• Sensitivity (1KHz): -582db
• Cord length: 2 meters

TI D1 Ear clip Earphone

Technical Specification
• Type: dynamic 40mm
• 360 degree swivel clip-on hanger
• Full range enhance system
• Super bass frequency technology
• Impedance: 40ohms + - 10%
• Frequency response:  7-24KHz
• Input power: 30-50mW
• Sensitivity: -102db+-3db
• Cord length: 120cm 3.5mm EP plug

TI D3 Head Phones

Technical specifications
• Ergonomic design
• Super Heavy Bass
• Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
• Impedance: 32ohms + - 10%
• Sensitivity: 94db+-3db
• Max. power Input: 30mW
• Driver Diameter: 40mm
• Plug: 3.5mm
• Cord length: 120mm
• Designed to use as charger as well as storage of receivers
• Can Charge 20 sets at a time
• Charging status Indication
• Microprocessor based Smart charging circuit
• Automatic sensor for low level charging
Technical Specifications
• Power supply: 110/220v
• Charging time: 10 Hrs
• Dimension: (w x H x D)
• (23.2in x 7.1in x 11.8in)
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