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  Digital Audience Response System (Electronic Voting Machine) Voting Pads Digital voting

Audience Response in a Second! Make Your Presentation More Interactive. Xpress is an audience response system that enhances interactivity in conferences, lectures and presentations. XPRESS allows you to receive instant feedback from users at any time. By using it, you can display or speak prepared questions, students key in their answers anonymously with their remote controllers and responses are tallied.

Xpress voting Pads

Classroom Training Needs To Be Comprehensive:

In order to make classroom training more effective it has to engage students in a comprehensive way. They must be able to reflect and express thoughts that are correct and acceptable. For this, they have to be aware of what is b eing imparted to them. However not all students feel at ease while expressing their attitudes openly and in the 'hands up' method many students do not participate. Moreover students might fail to observe their peers' views and as such discussion becomes restricted to only a few keen students. Get empowered by our stat-of-the-art voting machine and services and initiate a new phase of automation.

Electronic Interactive Solutions From us:

We attempt to overcome such difficulties through voting pads. Voting pads or clickers are devices that allow the audience to provide an electronic response to a question when prompted. By using voting pads the PowerPoint Lecture slides can be turned into an interactive Turning Point presentation. The lecture is delivered with the support of response pads.

We not only provide just voting pads but a complete voting machine made by Xpress Company which delivers positive results. When at different points during class lecture students are prompted to express their attitudes, they can do so instantly by using our voting pads. Their responses are collected at once and the answers get displayed on the screen. Our products are readily available for sale. Moreover customers also have the option to take our products on rent. Our technical experts provide all the necessary technical assistance to set up the devices.

Translation India provides world class digital voting systems on rent at reasonable rates. You can collect valuable information from your participants instantly at the touch of a button.

Digital Voting systems are a useful means of involving everyone at the conference and making the sessions more interactive. Since the system maintains anonymity, you are likely to get bias free responses. It can be used to gather participant’s opinion for research-to know what your audience thinks and believes and use it for evaluation and effective decision making. It is mainly used in training sessions, test marketing and even while holding elections.

Our digital voting systems have a number of response modes, so information can be collected in a variety of forms. It may a simple yes/no or more complex like ranking preferences, selecting multiple options etc. The system can sort and store responses for a detailed analysis in future.

What’s more! Since the system communicates by radio transmission, it does not require time consuming setups, and messy cabling. The system is completely portable and wireless. Just give your participants the keypads and use your PC to gather all sorts of data. The question or instruction is displayed on the screen and the participants select the color buttons to record their responses. Can it be simpler than this?

So call us today to get the digital voting systems on rent or sale.

Provide a direct wireless connection between you and your students/ audience

No need to wonder if students understand what you have taught

They can tell you with the click of a button

Easy Steps in using XPRESS

Step 1:  Create multimedia presentation with polling & quiz in MS PowerPoint
Step 2:  Teach, collect & assess your students
Step 3:  Answer collection & auto-marking in examination mode
Step 4:  Immediately report generation to get the feedback in a systematic way


Quiz & Test


Student Examination

Voting & Survey

Corporate Training

Marketing Events

Games & Contests



Benefits of Voting Machine:

  • Impacts student engagement in class by maximizing studentsí interest and attention
  • Ensures student satisfaction which promotes class attendance
  • Promotes student self-assessment by making them aware of their knowledge about a topic and helps in retention of course materials
  • Saves time while collecting student responses to academic surveys and saves responses as well
  • Provides valuable feedback to teachers about the level of understanding of topics
  • Economically viable as slides can be re-used in the future
  • Easy installation as it requires low level of technical expertise

Recommended Operating System
Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista

Microsoft Office 2000 or 2003

Pentium III processor 1 GHz or higher or above

128 MB or above

16-bit High Color or higher or above

1.0/ 1.1/ 2.0 port

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